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Why us?

With us you will receive the best service, rates and ratio without leaving the house, within three hours of the purchase.

  • Significantly better rates from banks
  • Home delivery within 3 hours
  • Secure purchase SSL
  • Simple, fast and with a single click


About Us

Ashkenazi Group Ltd. was established in 2009 by Itzik Ashkenazi and owns a number of branches and franchisees operating throughout the country, providing foreign exchange services based on our technology for businesses, companies and individuals

Because of the low rates, the courteous attitude and the ability to stand in the forefront of technology through our team of developers, we work with some of the largest and leading companies in Israel such as Matrix, Oferinvest, Melisron and many more. In order to simplify, make accessible and X the world of foreign exchange we have developed a unique system and the first of its kind in Israel, which will provide you with foreign exchange within 3 hours from of the order and all with a single click!

How It Works

Need to fly? Do not have the ability to leave the house for foreign money exchange? No problem! In three simple steps and in less than three hours we will reach you and will exchange for you to whatever currency you need.

Buying or selling orders

That's all, now sit down and relax and let us take care of the rest.

Making payments

Choose shipping or self-pick-up (In shipping, please provide address and we will reach you in up to three hours of the order).

Creating your wallet

Select the foreign currency you would like to purchase, payment method, and number of payments.

Our benefits

We are cheaper than all the banks and most of the changes in Israel and we are the same rates as the post



Best Exchange rates

With us, you will find the most profitable and preferred exchange rates of all the banks and no bank can let you buy foreign currency by payments, and even if you remembered at the last minute, our agent will give you the currency within two hours


Buying back

The change left over from the trip, we will buy it again from you at the same price you paid for it. With our amazing service, you will not lose a cent!


Foreign exchange calculator

Enter the currency you want and get the latest rates!



Our partners


Shi Shearim


I always flew abroad with a credit card, I did not imagine how much money it really costs, and how much you can save traveling with foreign currency from Israel. Then I entered ChangeMe which saved me a lot of money, effort, and time - profitable and safe!

Hila Edda


We have decided to travel abroad last minute, and with all the pressure of: Finding arrangement for the kids, packaging, etc., We have simply forgot about foreign currency. But then a friend told me about ChangeMe and I immediately entered the site and ordered. What a profitable exchange rates! Easy and simple! I even paid with payments and almost did not feel the expense. I highly recommend!

Eli Hayim


When traveling abroad once a month for a business meeting, we look for both comforts and savings. Once I stood in long lines at banks and at Ben-Gurion Airport, and received a low rate for my money. Today I order foreign currency only with ChangeMe, it is profitable, effortless, secure and for me an ideal service.



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