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Checking bills

Checking bills

We check our bills according to the strictest criteria, and do whatever it takes to prevent you from receiving damaged goods!

The world's leading technology for detecting and checking notes!

A topic that has a great deal on the public discussion is the foreign exchange rate, the options for trading it and the profitability of selling. Before you start looking for companies to convert foreign currency, it is important that you understand a few basic terms.

Each country has its own criteria.

The importance of seniority and experience are parameters that are just as important as the value of commissions and exchange rates.


Know all the little secrets hidden in the bills


You already dream of Australia's steppes, aboriginals and koalas and you already have a plane ticket to fulfill your dream.
So, before you get to the other side of the world, it's important for us to equip you with some Australian bills identification information to help keep you away from counterfeit bills.
The signs are repeated in all the Australian bills.
1. Polymer paper - Australian bills, are printed on a special polymer paper that gives a special feeling and rustles. The polymer material makes it very difficult to rip the bill, and if you try to wrinkle or fold it, it will immediately return to its straight state.
2. Diamond shape - on both sides of the bill, you can find a diamond print. When you lift the bill into the light, the diamond becomes a seven-pointed star in a circle.
3. Socket pattern - The Australian bills are printed using a socket pattern, which is rough to the touch. If you feel it with your fingers, you may feel many prominent signs on many elements of the bill.
4. A net of sharp colored lines - On both sides of the bill appears a background of very sharp and colored lines. A changing in colors or the lines’ sharpness will indicate a counterfeit bill.
This can be checked with a magnifying glass.
5. Ultraviolet -The serial number of the bill will appear under ultraviolet light, as well as a square containing the amount of the bill


If you find that you received a counterfeit bill and can not return it, it is important not to pass it on. Using counterfeit bills is a criminal offense that might endanger you.

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