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Checking bills

Checking bills

We check our bills according to the strictest criteria, and do whatever it takes to prevent you from receiving damaged goods!

The world's leading technology for detecting and checking notes!

A topic that has a great deal on the public discussion is the foreign exchange rate, the options for trading it and the profitability of selling. Before you start looking for companies to convert foreign currency, it is important that you understand a few basic terms.

Each country has its own criteria.

The importance of seniority and experience are parameters that are just as important as the value of commissions and exchange rates.


Know all the little secrets hidden in the bills


Japan is already waiting for you! And you even alrady bought Yen bills in Israel (because that's the most affordabl way!).
So for you to feel safe and know how to recognize a Japanese Yen bill, when you get surplus at a taxi, in stores and everywhere else (and you'll know if it's a counterfeit, too), we've put together some of Japanese Yen identification signs. The signs are repeated in each of the bills (1,000, 5,000, 10,000).
1. Watermark - In the middle of the bills is a light elipse. Lift the the bill to the light and notice the portrait of the bill reflected on both sides (can not be seen unless in front of the light).
2. Changing hologram - On the lower left side of the bills (10,000, 50,000), there is a colorful hologram. When you move the bill, the hologram will change to 3 different images, the cherry blossom, the bill’s amount and the bank’s symbol.
3. Hidden Image - At a certain angle, the word NIPON (meaning "Japan" in Japanese) will appear in the middle of the bottom of the bill, and on the other side, the amount of the bill will be discovered in the same angle. In the 1,000 Yen bill, only the word NIPON will be revealed.
4. Pink pearl ink - At a certain angle, a pink, semi-transparent pearl ink will be revealed, printed in a pattern on the black areas in the middle of the bill.
5. Microprint - In several places on the bills, you can find a tiny print of the words "NIPPON GINKO" (meaning "Bank of Japan" in Japanese). These words are appearing on both sides of the bills
It is very important to pay careful attention when you recieve bills, to avoid the use of counterfeit bills, which may endanger you.

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