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Checking bills

Checking bills

We check our bills according to the strictest criteria, and do whatever it takes to prevent you from receiving damaged goods!

The world's leading technology for detecting and checking notes!

A topic that has a great deal on the public discussion is the foreign exchange rate, the options for trading it and the profitability of selling. Before you start looking for companies to convert foreign currency, it is important that you understand a few basic terms.

Each country has its own criteria.

The importance of seniority and experience are parameters that are just as important as the value of commissions and exchange rates.


Know all the little secrets hidden in the bills


Your flight to England is already booked and you are leaving the country with the pound bills you bought in Israel (because buying foreign currency is the most affordable in Israel!).
To avoid the inconvenience of receiving counterfeit bills - as a surplus in taxis, shops, or anywhere else - it is important that you study the identification marks of the Pound.
The signs are repeated in each of the bills (5,10,20,50).
1. Check the paper and the prominent ink - The bills are printed on a unique paper that gives a special feel and rustle. If you move your fingers over the words "Bank of England" you can feel the prominent printing.
2. Watermark - Lift the bill to the light and notice the reflection of the queen in the center of the bill on both sides (it can only be seen against the light).
3. Changing hologram - On the left side of the bills, there is a hologram in the shape of a seal, and when moving the bill, the hologram will change from a colored figure to the number of the bill (it’s sum).
4. Metal string - Each bill has a silver string inserted into. Raise the bill to the light and identify the silver string stretched from the top of the bill to its lower end.
5. If you have a high-quality ultraviolet lamp, you can identify, on the lower left side of the bill, under the hologram seal, the number representing the sum of the bill.
6. The higher the bills, the greater their size - So that a 50-pound bill would be larger than a 20-pound bill, which would be larger than 10 pounds, etc.


If you find that you received a counterfeit bill and can not return it, it is important not to pass it on. Using counterfeit bills is a criminal offense that could endanger you.

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