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Checking bills

Checking bills

We check our bills according to the strictest criteria, and do whatever it takes to prevent you from receiving damaged goods!

The world's leading technology for detecting and checking notes!

A topic that has a great deal on the public discussion is the foreign exchange rate, the options for trading it and the profitability of selling. Before you start looking for companies to convert foreign currency, it is important that you understand a few basic terms.

Each country has its own criteria.

The importance of seniority and experience are parameters that are just as important as the value of commissions and exchange rates.


Know all the little secrets hidden in the bills


Your flight to Denmark is approaching, you have purchased Danish bills in Israel (the most affordable way!) and you are ready to travel.
In order for you to have a safe and enjoyable trip, we have collected some identification marks for the Danish Crown bill. The identification marks are correct for all types of Danish bills:
1. Cotton paper - Danish bills, printed on cotton paper that repels dirt, strong and durable, produced under special conditions. In the paper water marks and a hidden safety fiber are included.
2. Watermark - When you place the note in front of the light, a watermark, in the shape of a Viking ship in the Fjords, will be discovered on the upper left side, below the amount of the bill.
3. Prominent marks - For the benefit of the visually impaired, the Danish bills are printed with prominent marks, which help identify the amount of the note, including the bridge and the amount, on the front of the bill.
4. The size of the bills - The size of the Danish bills varies between each bill - another identifying sign for the hard-of-sight, which may also be used to identify counterfeit bills.
5. Security bar - for every Danish bill, has a security bar at its center, with a wave pattern that rises and falls when you move the bill.
If you receive a bill that you identified as counterfeit and can not be returned, it is important not to use the bill, so you won’t endanger your safety, since the use of counterfeit money is a criminal offense.

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